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This wonderful little sim is actually whimsical and fun. A great place to wander to for taking pics. I recently messaged a friend of mine, who opened her sim for photography purposes and she’s done an amazing job with the setup. There are places for each style type of photo and there isn’t any lag, which for me, is a huge bonus.

I kept to her regional windlight, as requested in the sim description. I usually tend to mess around with my own windlights but loved the quirky feel of hers, so I stuck with it.

The interview with her is as follows…

Midnight: When and how did you hear about SL?
Isis: 10 years ago, a friend from another game (that game was closing) said to try this game out, I’ve been here ever since lol.

Midnight: What did you do after you joined? How was your SL ‘childhood’?
Isis: First i joined a club and danced on a pole for money lol. But shortly after I learned I liked to build and been doing store for 9 years now.
Midnight: How was the idea for your sim born? What inspired you?
Isis: I love doing sim designs, but I only really could do outside the store and space that needed filled as the rest of the land was rented out, So when part of my sim opened up I couldn’t find a renter and I decided I actually wanted people to come hang out and enjoy the sim, not just shop but make it their home too. So I started putting out things I owned, and I went to a few stores and found some really great items so I bought them all up, and next thing I knew I was putting it all together. After I ended up re-doing all of the front of the stores and walkways on the entire sim to match the new hangout!!
Midnight: What distinguishes your sim from others (best features, what are you most proud of etc)?
Isis: Oh Goodness, Hard question. So many amazing sims and lands to go to. Mine, I’d have to say, I love that each area of the hangout is a little different. The lighting I choose for the sim I think also helps push the look to be more unique as well. I love it is magical and mystical and you can let your mind wander and use your imagination here. That’s really what I want is for everyone to just enjoy themselves, Stay as long as they want.
Midnight: Is there any place you would call a ‘must see’ on your sim?
Isis: I think each person would like different areas of the sim. So what one might love another may love a different spot. I’d say follow the path and take a look around, Each area has fun things to see. Even a nessie is swimming around. ❤

Isis Zamin is the lovely owner of the store Zombie Suicide, as well as this fun little photo op area. You can find it here

Following are some pics that I totally stole the opportunity to take, keeping her windlights as the fun, and magical way that she set up.


As seen in Check it out!!


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