You all know how it is. One day you have a lot of friends, you’re popular, desired, wanted and you’re on top of the world. The next, you’re in the background, watching, observing and wondering when you will just cease to exist…



Zombie Suicide has this adorable septum piercing out at the Thrift Shop this round. It’s called the :Z.S: Simple Septum mesh piercing, and it comes with 10 colour options via hud (attaches to nose, btw). Because it’s not super flashy, it’s great for every day use and goes with damned near every outfit. It’s a fave of mine that I have refused to take off just yet. Again, this is at the Thrift Shop, which started on May 9th, and can be found here Zombie Suicide at The Thrift Shop

This post on Flickr

Also in this picture, you can see the :Z.S: Sexy Eyeshadow that was blogged in my last post



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