All the world is a stage


When you’re in the spotlight, all of the world is your stage.



This time I am highlighting the Zombie Suicide Witchy Chest piercing that can be found at the Bodyfy event. The piercing itself comes with or without  shadowing and fresh (to show fresh piercing or not). There are 9 moon colour options (via hud) and can be worn with a mesh body (as seen in the pics with a maitreya mesh body).

It’s actually a really cute piercing! I like it enough that I still haven’t taken it off lol. It gives my boobs some “Hey, look at me!”. Ahaha, anyways, you can find the :Z.S: Witchy Chest Piercing V1 Red Shadows at the Bodyfy Event that started on April 8th and can be found here  Bodyfy event

the world is a stage

Now for the details on the everythings else I am wearing bwahahaha

[whatever] Teeth 2.0 – Fangs
alterego 1 mailei – rose with maitreya applier
((ae)) eye brow shaper 1
*MC* “Falsies” Eyelashes
Amitomo eyes
:Z.S: Dimpled cheeks
:Z.S; Septum piercing
CatWa hair Zoey [B]
7 deadly skins lustfull pinks 3
maitreya mesh body
Shoes : [Mundos} Amber
Pants: Blueberry Mia
Jacket: Blueberry Lida

flickr post 1

flickr post 2



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