From the brink of insanity…

Moments when all you can do is grip your head and try not to scream.

The voices inside are all too real when they know your name.

nipple tat

So it was brought to my attention that even though I am highlighting one particular item in each of my posts, that I am essentially being an asshole because I don’t let everyone know the details of every item I am wearing, which, is frustrating since I do the pics to highlight ONE item. BUT I am going to give it a try….

The highlighted items in this picture, are the kickass Heart Nipple Tattoos by Zombie Suicide. They can be found at the Whore Couture 5 Fair which is going on for the month of March (March 1st – 31st). The tattoo comes with system layer tats and Omega appliers, which you see in use on my avatar here. There’s a wide variety of colours and I chose red this time 🙂

You can find it by clicking here Whore Couture Fair 5

Details on everything else in the pic are as follows:

Pose: TCB – Oh so Glam
Hair: [RA] Harley
Body: Maitreya
Makeup: ::SG:: harley full messed
Skin: ayla – rose alterego with maitreya applier
Pants: Dark Salvation – Harely w/ omega applier
Necklace/choker: homemade by a friend (not for sale)
Septum Piercing: Z.S: Octo Nose Septum Ring




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