Behind Blue Eyes

I had a lot of fun with this picture set. I was meant to take pics of the completely awesome nipple covers and ended up taking other ‘saucy’ pics as well. Too much fun!

Seduce My MindThis one was taken in my sl bedroom, and can be seen as seductive. I just wanted to get the angle right to show off the product at hand but still wanted to be sexy. I think it might have worked.

step into spring And if you’re anything like me, you’re dying for spring to come around. I am SO tired of winter that I am living vicariously through my avatar and enjoying some warmer, greener weather.

Behind Blue Eyes So, here are the details on these pics that I should have started with but had dunno, I will finish with them instead, only because I had to ramble for a few moments about how fun this set was…

These are the :Z.S: Dripping Bows nipple covers that Zombie Suicide has out at the Whore Couture 5. As you can see, they’re fun, sexy, a bit naughty but oh so nice. They come with a hud that has 27 textures for the bows, are mesh and are worn overtop of the Maitreya Lara body. They will work on all bodies since they are adjustable in edit to cover you nips! Grab them at
Whore courture 5 from March 1st – March 31st by clicking here  Whore Couture Fair 5 or find out more information about the fair here


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