I’ll be your (Anti)Valentine

Love LightsIf you’re like me, the thought of Valentine’s day gives you the skeeves. I mean, I just can’t get into it. So, I usually go for the Anti-Valentine thing. Anything that cuts love and Cupid down, kind of makes me happy.

The items from Zombie Suicide that are at the On the Boardwalk Gacha Fair, are freaking adorable and perfectly sum up the most complicated of Valentine’s Days. The Theme is Bitter Love and Zombie Suicide made these cute little lights called Bing Lights… There are several pictured above but being a Gacha, you know there’s more than just those in the pic, 14 in total that you can win by playing this gacha.

There are lots of great items there but I know personally, I want to collect every one of these lights!

The little sideshow Feb 5th – 19th
On The Boardwalk Gacha presented by the Little Sideshow



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