BlindedOkay Okay, the title of the post wasn’t very original, but it sure made me chuckle for reasons unknown to me! There are moments when all I can do is close my eyes and enjoy a semi dark room. Moments when taking that deep breath in are all that keep you from really losing it. I am sure we’ve all been there. I tried to think of how best to show off my new hair clip and nothing came to me, so this would be one of those deep thought moments….

This super cute :Z.S: Zombie Hair Clip is in the Jack and Jill Hunt. It comes with 13 tentacle options and 8 flower options. Zombie Suicide is the 9th store in the hunt and is on the Jill side (there are 2 paths you can take, 40 female and 40 male stores. The only catch is you have to find all of the hunt items as there are hints for the next store to follow)
Hint is: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
Taxi to start location : Jack and Jill hunt start location


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