Back to Nature

Back to Nature

Closing my eyes, I can picture the mountains, green and in full glory. I can smell the trees and the fields nearby. I can visualize sitting in that old wooden chair and breathing it all in. Getting back to Nature, becoming at peace within myself…

The Black Dot Project January Round is now OPEN! Come on down and grab Zombie Suicide’s awesome Septum Piercing! There are a lot of great vendors there, I am just a :Z.S: junkie! lol

The :Z.S: Septum Piercing 1 is unisex and comes with a hud that has 18 colour options. Very cute!

So, do yourself a favor and click here —->The Black Dot Project and visit now, you won’t regret it!!

Check the Black Dot Project out on Facebook here —-> The Black Dot Project Facebook Page

and the Zombie Suicide Facebook page here —-> Zombie Suicide Facebook page

Oooh, and you can check out my Flickr here lol —–> Midnight’s Flickr


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