Spirit Piano?

So, there I was, wandering around a ‘dark themed’ park, when I came upon a random piano in the woods. While inspecting it, it started to play slow, eerie music. It could have been a trick on my eyes or something, but I am damned sure I saw ghostly hands stroking the keys…. I set my camera up and stood in front of it to try to catch it on film and felt the coldest chill down my back. I think those green things may be hands… Do you see anything? Forhead implant

I think I may be calling on some pretty scary spirits ever since I got my forehead implant. I mean, I know it’s a pentagram and they mean various things but I think the ghosties really do love me. They tend to follow me everywhere!!

YOU can get the same forehead implant and see if you have the same experience, have your very own house ghost or something, and look stylish while you do!! This awesome implant made by Zombie Suicide comes with a skin color matching hud, so it’s useful for any avatar and skin color.

The :Z.S: Pentagram head implant can be found at Suicide Dolls by clicking here —> Suicide Dolls  When this round of Suicide Dolls is over, this implant will be at Zombie Suicide’s main store which you can get to by clicking here —> Zombie Suicide main store


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