Midnight and Freak Show Gacha – bad combo

On October 17, 2015, The Freak Show Gacha started. Once there, look around for Zombie Suicide to get these freaking awesome items. I am wearing the :Z.S: Underbust cutting tattoo’s (copy only) – Gacha (that’s the sweet ass tattoo that looks like words carved into my flesh, under my boobs. There are a lot of words to choose from). The freaking awesome thing about this tatt, is that I am wearing it with my maitreya body with the help of the omega applier that is included. Beyond the tatt, I am also wearing the :Z.S: Cameo rings, yes, one on each hand. I love these!! They come with a color change hud, so I was able to have one of each color that I wanted. So, if you head here —–> The Freak Show Gacha , make sure to slap those gachas and see what you find!!

suicide freak show - in a darkened room

suicide freak show gacha test 1

Suicide freak show Autumn CreepsAnd YES, I do know I used one picture in two blogs, because I took it to show off separate items lol. It shows the rings and tattoo better!

Definitely head out to the Gacha event though, you really won’t regret it.


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