Learning how to create art

I’ve tried, in so many ways, to learn how to create art on second life. From building (which I suck at) to tattoos, to learning how to take and edit pictures.

I can finally say that I am comfortable with my photos. I am enjoying learning all that I can from various websites and messing around with different looks and images, but it took a lot. I continually see some very talented artists and for the longest time, I found seeing their art, then looking at mine, very daunting. I fought with losing self esteem and being scared to post anything that I worked on because it was being compared to all of these amazing photo takers and people who can edit them to perfection, creating, in essence, in my mind anyways, amazing works of art.

Over time, I’ve learned how to play around with different windlights and how to seriously, mess around on Gimp to find a look that I find desirable. I’ve also learned, not to take it too seriously if someone doesn’t like my pictures. The biggest thing, is whether or not I like them. And lately, I do.

So, I guess, this is to all of you who didn’t believe in me, and had your shitty little comments every time I posted a picture…

Eat me. I can learn how to do things better, but you can’t learn how to be a better person.

almost done twisted shopping stef trapped riding out_003 Intense twisted and mid_003 twisted and mid_002 twisted and mid_001 riding out_004 riding out_002 riding out_001 ride_001 petals 1 Midnight dreamer Midnight Believe twisted and mid_004 Mid in profile Mid guitar test 1 lost in my mind Lilac Midnight double trouble Mid and Twisted


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