Sinner’s Red

Sinners promo 5 Sinners promo 4 Sinners promo 2 Sinner's red

These pics show a few things I love and am passionate about. Sinner’s and [TLG]. This is our club, Sinner’s, and the dress I am wearing is done in what the owner of Through the Looking Glass, lovingly named ‘Sinner’s Red’. I figured, what better place to show off the dress, than in the place that inspired the color.

In the pictures, I am wearing [TLG] Bound Elegance Dress w/ Harness (Sinner Red). It’s a fun little dress because it can be nice.. as I, of course, am wearing it. Or it can be naughty (no shirt portion and in the harness itself). It’s very cute and a welcome addition to my wardrobe.

The boots are for Slink high feet but are totally adorbs!! I have to go back and get the pair that I forgot to buy cuz they are completely adorable!!! Anyways, these ones are [TLG] Celtic Love – Black Slink High Boots. TOTALLY worth the linden and a very, VERY important part of my closet space. They go with freaking everything!

The club, well hell, that’s one of the best parts, is the club that Ov, my boyfriend 🙂 opened years ago. A few months ago, we decided to resurrect it and give it life again. Welcome to Sinner’s Night Club!! Stop by for a kicked back atmosphere and some great conversation! And hey, don’t forget to join the groups in world and on facebook!

[TLG] Through the Looking Glass links:

AND my flickr:

AND AND AND Finally.. The Sinner’s Night Club group on facebook and in world slurl!!!!

Thanks for reading and until next time. Have fun, enjoy SL, and Don’t be a douche!!!



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