A hazy shade of spring

I’m finding more and more things to wear with my TMP mesh body that aren’t super slut or super girly. Previously, I was finding that I basically only liked the body when I was naked as the alpha hud was pissing me off and it was extremely hard to actually take a photo of the body without seeing the gaps in the flesh. I still notice in my clavicle area, a few lines and gaps where the ‘fabric’ doesn’t quite work, but for the most part, these items were applier clothes and not overly annoying.

That top photo there, I made sure to get the flowers in the picture and after I saved and started filtering, I noticed the damned goat. I got photobombed by a goat!

breathing it all in sunny day and good book

So, while I was out and enjoying the spring weather, I found this great little bench out in the tall grass, amid the flowers. It was a beautiful spot and I spent over an hour there just relaxing and reading (and took a few pics). It’s kind of funny when I find more places to relax on second life than I do in real life…

Chess anyone

I found a chess board as the sun was going down but no matter how many people I talked to, no one had the time to sit with an old friend for a game or a chat. It made for a pretty photo spot though.

Interesting place to relax The fire's warmth

I finished off my day but enjoying this little fire spot, it was peaceful and made for a nice place to sit and reflect on life while the darkness seeped in.

Until next time, be safe and don’t be a douche!



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