Getting to know me, Getting to know all about me….

So, I’ve just realized something. I’ve done a few random fashion type of bloggy posts and most of you have no idea who I am!! Mwahahah. I’m the evil stalker that your momma didn’t warn you about, cuz hell, her imagination was never this good! I kid. I kid. So to start me off with the whole “Who the hell is this woman?” spiel… Hey, I’m Midnighttornado in Second life. In real life, my friends call me, Rae. I’ve been on sl for oh… 4.5 years-ish. I’m too damned lazy to check for sure but yeah, somewhere around there. I am not much of an RP player as I am far too much like myself in both worlds. Sassy, sarcastic, grumpy, happy go lucky. Depends on the day, the mood or the people I am around I guess. I will give you the shirt right off of my back in either world but if you fuck me over, then that’s a game changer.
Without further ado.. This is Me!!

Cervical cancer ribbon blue

So, there we go. That’s the real life Midnight. My hair is dyed blue in support of Cervical Cancer, which I have been battling for quite some time. It sure looks perdy!

I remember joining second life as if it was only yesterday. I couldn’t figure out how to make my avi as pretty as everyone else’s and even got some flack for her dark skin and “fatness”. Now, it makes me laugh because if you look around, everyone has some curves!! I am so glad I didn’t stop being “me” back in the day, I tell ya.


I swear, I thought I was SO sexy back then! But now, I make my own shapes, my own tattoos and am very picky about skins, outfits etc. I guess you can say I’ve grown up SL-wise (as I sit here in my jean shorts and favourite “Bite Me” t-shirt in real life).

There are a variety of things I enjoy in real life and I tend to take most of those “likes” to second life as well. I love reading, I love being creative. I love taking pictures and spending time with friends. What I no longer like in real life is clubs, dancing, crowds.. people in general. I guess I have become that weird person my mom became around this same age. ANTISOCIAL. I find I have less and less time for people and their eventual bullshit. When I am on second life, it’s my escape. I participate in concerts, am learning to blog, sing on mic (much to the people in the club’s chagrin since I don’t realize I am doing it), try to build something other than a box, make tattoos, take pictures, DJ, lead a bloodlines clan, and ride motorcycles. Everything that I do on second life, I do to escape real life, to relax, to spend some Me time and I am becoming better at most of my chosen hobbies (except the singing along, cuz it sounds like an animal is in pain).

BB Winner MidRae Ashbourne (midnighttornado)Carny bitch 3I'm not addictedMeshedFoxyWe're only a small part of this universeworkout 1mid in woods_003sit withRock Diva_002

I have various different looks and styles. I don’t generally stick to one. Well, wait, I am always badass looking, but you know what I mean. I don’t pick one style and that’s that. I like to change it up and wear a look around for a bit. Oh look, it’s me on a deserted island…

mid on vacay

ANYWAYS, hey all, this is Me, Midnight. I’m learning to blog, learning who I am but all in all, I am ME.

Midnight new profile pic


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