Raspberry Tartan

Midnight here with another post featuring a HOT new outfit from [TLG]. I got the exclusive on this pretty baby. I’m showcasing it before she even sets it on sale!! How do ya like them apples? lol

Now, it’s no secret that I have slowly become obsessed with taking pictures on SL so I went out again and had a little bit of fun with the new clothes. I travelled quite the distance just to find some warm sun and allow it to dance over my skin, warming my frozen Canadian bones from all of the damned winter we’ve been having. But! Enough about me!

This outfit from [TLG], that’s Through the Looking Glass, to those that don’t know this awesome company’s name, is a definite new favourite of mine. The colour is stunning, the fit is amazing and as you can see, it’s still warm enough for early spring or mid-autumn wear.

The warmth embracing herA day to dream

I really enjoyed the sun in it, trampling around in the grass, I felt feminine yet powerful. I love the colours in the tartan as it matches up to a vast majority of the accessories that we women seem to have filling our inventories.

Stalking her beautyThe warmth of the sun

An Autumn Afternoon in Reflection

After all of the playing around, taking in the sun’s warmth, I sat and relaxed a little. Too bad I didn’t have a nice cup of coffee with me!

Fun and fancy freeDeep in that frame of mind

All in all, this cute skirt and sweater outfit is perfect for work or play. I highly recommend you buy it the moment it’s on sale!!! All of the wonderful details about what I am wearing are found below! Enjoy and thank you again for reading!

OUTFIT: Exclusive unreleased Item from [TLG]: Raspberry Tartan Punk Skirt & Top SLurl:

Marketplace store for other fantastic items:

BOOTS: Blackburns: Laced and Strapped heels
Marketplace link:

HAIR: ~Tableau Vivant~ Writer Hair Naturals II: It was a gacha item but there are a lot still floating around in various colors on marketplace and at gacha yardsales

EYES: .:cheveux:.Mesh Real ODD-Eyes cobaltblue
Marketplace link:

:Hebenon Vial: Against the Stream [Ink]*Mesh*:
Marketplace link:

L&B Swear “Love My Cat” Necklace:
Marketplace link:

*avd* black leather earrings: SLurl:

SKIN.::WoW Skins::. Love Tan:

Fun in the Sun, now where’s my coffee?


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