The “Antiqued” Dress

This is the second blog post in which I am showcasing a Through the Looking Glass item. This time, it’s the Antiqued Strapless Dress. Now, I’ve never been one for frilly or lacy, but I do love the classic antique look of the lace on this dress. It’s classy, it’s sexy and it actually looks damned good on me. The thick belt detail is overall stunning and it draws your eyes to the center of the body rather than being a cleavage dress, where the only thing that stands out are a person’s tatas. You notice the dress. I can wear this comfortably to a dinner party and not feel under-dressed and still be my sassy, sexy self. And if you take a close look at my right thigh, this is a TLG item as well! It’s the [TLG] Tribal Butterfly Yin-Yang Leg Tattoo. Great job [TLG] !! Another win!Antique 3 Antique 2 Antique 1


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